Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More curtain updates

Somehow my projects have snowballed and now I am sewing all kinds of things. Just by moving the toddler bed into the nook in the living room. I have decided to add more panels to the existing drapes for a more full swag. I also added more red tassels to the curtains. I really only sew when Priyasha is napping and I am so fast now that it makes things complete. Sewing is so fulfilling to me. It is a reward with instant gratification. I enjoy scrapbooking too but I can sew a whole quilt in the time it takes me to make a quilt. hard to believe I know.
Anyway this morning I packed Pravan some left over meatballs and noodles. I put it on a stick and also made him a special snack. I made some mini pancakes and out that on a stick with strawberries and grapes. When he got home he told me that his teacher said " You have a very clever mom " I smiled from ear to ear and felt so good to hear that.Just seeing him tell me that with a huge smile on his face I could tell he was proud of me. I took in the moment and gave him a big hug and told him that I loved him. He did forget his lunch box in school again. I hope he learns to remember. I cleaned the house thinking that my friend Suzanne was coming over but it is not until next week. I was bummed about that but hey my house is super clean. It did not take long for me to mess it up with bits of fabric again. Pravan got home on time and today for the first time Priyasha was awake and was able to greet him at the bus. I love having him home and listening to his day. I feel like a piece of me is missing when he is away.
That's all for today. Have a good night.

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Melissa S said...

I would love to see all of your sewing projects! And you are clever for all the kebobs...

Our school here is weird..they sent me a note the last time I used a wooden kebob stick..they said it could be used as a weapon and they were afraid for the safety of the kids around eye pokes and such. That is crazy..but I have to listen. Bummer right? So glad your school isn't as weird!