Thursday, August 14, 2008

Behind . . . .

Sorry life is crazy as you can tell. I have not had time to upload and play with pictures. I need to add pictures to several posts and I will soon. Just check back in the old posts to see pictures added later. It is a very involved process.I usually have to upload my pics to my pc. I then edit, crop and load into my kodak software, then I backup to my hard rive. I then add captions if I have time. The next step is to upload to flickr. I then have to make the slide show in another program and then add to my blog for you to enjoy. I enjoy this but it is time consuming and time is not on my side this week. Here is the silliest thing. I usually do my typing and thinking on teh desktop and then play with pictures on my laptop . So posting pictures is dependent on me being on the laptop. Right now I am on the desktop. Yeah! only I can be this crazy about preserving the moment. So keep checking in. Thanks for looking.

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Tom said...

As we all go through life, VERY occasionally you meet a special person. I had that experience today - me and my boys had the privledge of meeting Easperee. We went to the water park today, and being first in the gate we quickly staked out a corner of one of the shaded picnic areas. Moments after we sat down, Easperee came up and asked if we would mind sharing the structure. The structure was huge and we only needed a small part, so of course I said yes. The structure was soon filled with a complete birthday parties worth of kids and adults. Me and my boys were completely happy with our little piece of shade and cold pizza, but Easperee went absolutely out of her way to welcome us into the group. She helped me to get some salad, and made sure that my boys were included in the snacks, cake, and even party favors. Her warmth, generosity, and kindness touched all of us. On leaving as I piled the boys into my truck, I was able to tell them that they had just met a special person, and benefited by her warm heart. I told them that Easperee was a perfect example of how they should be living their lives - open, kind, and generous to all.

Thanks for making our day special.

Kind regards,

Tom, Alex, Evan, and Luc
Reno, NV