Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to Reality !

Wow what a trip. There were awwhh! moments, pee moments, stop it moments, breathtaking moments, simply marvelous moments, take a nap moments, incredible view moments, cut it out guys moments, pee moments , oh boy moments,scary moments, "quiet guys" moment, and pee moments. Did I say pee moments. Oh my goodness I have been to so many bathrooms on this trip. Boy do kids have small bladders. On top of the bathroom visits we had to pull off on the highway several times for Priyasha to pee in the portable potty. She did have a pull up on but refused to pee in it. It actually stressed her when she needed to pee and there was no safe place to pull over. This would be the downside of an intelligent child that potty trains herself before age two. The most exciting thing on the trip was seeing a fox as we drove along the upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. We turned around and pulled over and were able to get some great pictures of him. We stopped at the Lava National park and it was quiet incredible to explore a real cave. It was so dark and cold and scary in there even with four flash lights. It is an experience we will not forget. Fear of the unknown can put the heart in overdrive. Crater Lake is breathtakingly gorgeous. I cannot believe how blue the water was. All that water just from snow melt. Nature is awesome. Crater Lake is the deepest in the United States and it is something you should see if possible. Pravan was disappointed that the volcano did not erupt as we were looking at it.Todd and I on the other hand were glad.Pravan was afraid to get out of the car and said that we should take a picture from the car in case it erupted we will be able to drive away fast. A little misconception in a five year olds' mind based on what he has seen on television. It was so cute. Priyasha called every mountain we drove by a volcano for the rest of the trip. We also had a chance to drive close to Mount Shasta. We would have had better views but the smoke from the California fires ruined that.We did not have time to visit Lassen National park on this trip but we will visit it agian soon since it is only about 3 hours away. Pravan has a black book with a list of things he wants to do in his life.I write them down for him with a date of when he said it and cross it off with a date he accomplished it. He would like to go to Hawaii soemday and see the volcanoes there. I hope he will continue to write stuff in this book . I am overwhelmed and exhausted this week. I still need to upload all the pictures and then you can see my trip through my eyes. We got some beautiful priceless shots. Hope you have a restful week.

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Raising Maddie and Bob said...

Hey lady! Thanks for sharing the blog. THe kids look great. I am about to peak at your slideshow too. Sounds like you are having a super fun summer. I have a blog page...maybe you've inspired me to start using it. I love following blogs. They can be addictive to see what your cyber and in your case real friends are up to... You are now on my favorites. I like you can't help picking up my camera whenever the kids are around. I think we both brought our cameras to dinner last summer. Any other fun trips planned this year?

Lisa Bollinger