Saturday, November 13, 2010

Freedom is not Free

 Grab a cup of coffee. This is a long post. I know I am a few days late but here is my Veteran's Day post.

Many seem to confuse Memorial Day with Veteran's Day. Memorial Day is the day set aside to honor America's war dead. Veterans Day honors both the living and the dead. Veteran's Day is mainly to thank the LIVING Veterans for their dedication, sacrifices and loyalty to their country. November 11th is the day Veteran's know that we deeply appreciate the Heroes we have amongst us and all the sacrifices they have made for us and the freedom we know today.

There is a very high price we pay for freedom. American soldiers sacrifice so much for all of us. All for the freedom of our country. Leaving their families and heading off to war , unaware of what the future holds. I took a moment today to think of the great sacrifices made by these brave heroes.

                We should never forget all the men that have died        
                                          We should never forget the battles they have fought.
                                      We should never forget all the tears the families have cried. 

We should never forget every child that has to grow up and experience life's milestones without a dad, not because they chose not to be there, but because they chose to fight for our country.

It is an unimaginable debt, and a tremendous amount of gratitude that can never bring back the unknown identities lost to the cold hard bullets.

Today I am a proud mom to know that I have shared with my kids what the true meaning of Veteran's Day is. Pravan very proudly marched in the parade in down town Reno as Priyasha, dad and I waited along the side of the road for him to make his way down Virginia Street.

Here are all the wolf cubs that marched together.

Pravan and his buddy Alan since Kindergarten.

      A close look at this awesome plane.
                             I love that he has his hands in the that the new style ???
                                                 Missy had to give it a try too..

     Patiently waiting for brother to come by in the parade.

Here he comes. He turns and waves to daddy's voice... and he tries to find us in the crowd.

This was a happy click moment. One min she was next to me and the next she was hugging uncle Sam in the middle of the road... It was so cute...

                                  This was the marching band practicing before the parade.

            There were many dogs in the parade. This one definitely rode in with style and very patriotic...
This was paparazi mom running along in the parade to get this shot. 

Have you explained to your children the true meaning of Veteran's Day ?? It is up to us to share the knowledge we have with the future... OUR KIDS ....

We owe veterans our gratitude
For they are the reason we are free !!!

Thank you for stopping by. Any feedback, comments are always welcome. I wish you a happy week.

Mwah !!!!

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Unknown said...

Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing. Love the one of Priyasha hugging Uncle Sam and the one of Pravan and his buddies with the Reno sign in the background.