Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a blast or a blur !!!!!!!

The turn out last night was fantastic. It was incredible to see how many woman came to celebrate with me. I had a wonderful time. If I really drank all the drinks that were offered to me I would have had alcohol poisoning. Every time I turned around someone offered to buy me wine.
I am a martini gal and stuck to my martini's. It was a great night. Thank you to all the ladies that came out and celebrated with me. I appreciated the gal's night out. It was so awesome to have such a diverse group of woman be my friends. This really was the first birthday celebration I ever had and it was a blast. My very good friend Brandy baked me the cake and everybody sang to me. First they sang in English, then in French, then in Russian and also Spanish. By the end of the night we had about 22 woman that drank with me and had a great time. Still I had several regrets from lots more woman that could not make it for various reasons. My Filipino,Korean or Vietnamese friends were not there. I wish I had recorded them singing. It was great. So since I am from South Africa I am going to find out how to sing it in Afrikaans and also in an Indian language. I should know how but sadly I don't. We were all in the wine shop a mile away from home. Some people got food from the Bistro where I work on the weekends and ate it at the wine shop. It seemed like through out the night we arranged the entire wine store. We kept adding tables and we made a train of tables and it was great. When they sang to me we took over the over place. It really felt like it was just us but it was busy last night. The bar usually close at 9pm but stayed open for us until 10pm. Then we got kicked out. My friend Suzanne smuggled champagne in but we had to get some to go cups and took the champagne and another bottle of wine and took the party outside. We sat on the chairs next to the fire place. The group trickled down to a few of us but we had a blast until we all needed to pee. I had a ride home with Jennifer, a friend and neighbor. Instead of going home she and I decided to go to another bar and get food. before we sat down we found the bathroom. I was in a desperate rush to pee. I ran into the ladies room and pushed the first door and next thing I know there was a loud scream. I slammed the door into another woman that was peeing. The power of a lock is priceless in the public restroom. I ran to the next stall and then later found out it was the woman in the wine place that I had take our group picture. It was so funny and we had a good laugh. We ordered food and drinks but never finished it. We headed home about 1:30 am and that last part feels like a blur. Today I am drained and exhausted. No hang over though which is a good thing. I am very happy that I had my first party after planning all those wonderful parties for my kids. It was a blast and feels good to be loved. Thanks for reading. I will post pics soon from Priyasha's birthday party.

Free Spirit !!!!


Mireille said...

It looked like you had a blast!! And you look so pretty with your hair done, a Big Congratulations!! Glad you had a great day, you deserve it!! Love, M

Laramie said...

Sorry I missed your Birthday. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for thinking of me. Sorry I have not been good company. Love all your new photo's, they are marvelous.

Paula ;) said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! This is polish ,,Happy Birthday" ;)You and you're photos look great :)