Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The night before Christmas

Oh boy oh boy The big day is almost here. I still have a ton of things to do. Today we are making a gingerbread house, ginger bread men and getting ready for Jolly old Nick. The presents are almost wrapped. The jammies are all sewn and under the tree waiting for tonight. I have to make the reindeer food and we have to hang the magic Santa key so S Clause can get in. Priyasha has been a good girl and has stayed in her bed for the last two nights. Usually she will crawl into bed with us and we are just too exhausted to get up and take her back. I have been telling her to stay in her bed as Santa peeks in to make sure he know where she lives and if she is not in her bed then he will not bring her any presents. It is finally working Yeah !!!! Todd was a good sport and he took some family shots in our new jammies. I just love that man to death. He is so sweet and always wanting the best for us all. I have some how managed do everything today and I am exhausted.For me this is the worst Xmas ever as my hard drive died on me. That is my external hard drive.I had never realized or even imagined that the external HD would die on me. A huge part of me died today and I am partially dead. I had 60 000 pics on there. Well I took it to geek squad and they are sending it to a white lab somewhere off site. I will not know for two weeks if they can recover my pics. I am seriously considering therapy at this point. My tummy is in knots and I cannot hold the tears back. The hardest part of it all was that I had to come home and be happy for the kids and make the cookies, hang the key etc. That to me is the hardest part of being a mom. Being tough and sucking it up for the little ones. I am going to pray and hope they can fix it but then I am stressed about what it would cost. Damn it LIFE SUCKS !!!!! I just want to feel whole and happy again. I would trade my new camera which I do not have to have my pics back. They are the most important memories ever.Okay I have vented. Thanks for reading and please say a prayer for me and hope they can get my pics back.Speaking of pics I added a few hand selected from the hundreds I took today and made a slide show.
The festive season is exhausting.I hope you all have a very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year ! Free Spirit !


Mind of MadMan said...

Thanks for the card Marla. You todd and the kiddes look great.
Stan & the Crew.

Melissa S said...

Oh no about your hard drive....oh my god...I would be tense and stressed and soo very upset..I do have most of my pics on DVDs as might want to do that once they get your pics recovered...I am praying for that very thing...Hugs to you girl....I am sooooo sorry you are going through this right now...