Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picture day at school

This morning I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I totally spaced that I needed to pay for the school pictures online. I took care of that and then got Priyasha dressed to go to a friends house. Liz has a daughter Jaisyn and she and Pravan were in the same kindergarten class. They are in different classes this year. She is one of Pravan's many girlfriends. He was thrilled that she was going to ride with us to school. I dropped Priyasha off and picked up Jaisyn. It was so cute to listen them talk in the backseat. Last night after I made arrangements with Liz Pravan asked to talk with Jaisyn and finally I had to have him hang up. When he hung up he said " I love you " to Jaisyn. It was so sweet but boy this is starting so early. I am sure he said it as he says it to grandma and grandpa on the phone.
Anyway I had to tell the bus driver to leave without Pravan as he was riding with me and promised her he will ride tomorrow. I showed up with a comb, water bottle and hairspray and took care of the kids that had messy hair. They all looked so adorable. I purchased a big package and the cd as well. I like to save the cd's in my fire proof safe for safe keeping. In spite of buying the largest package I took a picture with my camera. The photographer was so sweet and allowed me to do so. It is not the best shot as they were not really in front of a background. She super imposed their picture on the background we chose. Here is the picture I got. Pravan is such a natural in front of the camera. His first shot with the photographer was the one I loved. He understands the importance of pictures and does a wonderful job.

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Melissa S said...

I love that background against what Pravan is wearing!