Saturday, September 6, 2008

Balloon races

"Wohooo ! " were the words out of Pravan's mouth. I got him up at 5am. He was so excited that it was finally the morning when he could go and see the balloons. I got Priyasha up that early as well. Suprisingly she was not caranky. She did ask for a cup of tea. One would think she really was older. Her maturity level stuns both Todd and I. Todd had a little trouble rising today. I made him a cup of coffee and he was a good sport. Well we missed dawn patrol as that starts at 5:30 am. We did see the balloons lit up in the dark sky as we headed toward where they were. I made hot chocolate for the kids and packed some pancakes. We had a difficult time finding a parking spot but we finally did. It was a long while before the balloons made it up into the sky. The kids were restless and the crankiness drove Todd nuts. It did not take long for the excitement to change into crankiness. It is hard to be patient even for me. I took the kids across the street when the balloon started ascending. I took some pictures and then the kids had no further interest. I met a lady that was parked behind us. She had the Nikon D300 which is the camera I really really want. I chatted with her for a while and we both agreed that it was hard to get good pictures with the kids. We exchanged phone numbers and decided to do this again tomorrow. it was the last day and it would be a great thing to do without the kids and hubbby. The rest of the day we all dragged. We skipped a birthday party as the kids were cranky . After naps we headed to the pool for an hour or two. Since it was late and I was tired we order in some dinner from a new Bistro that opened up in our neighborhood. I had fallen asleep on the couch when Todd went to get dinner. I was just sooooo drained. I had some dinner and then went to bed at 9pm. Can you believe it. I have never gone to bed that early in the last decade. Tomorrow will be an awesome experience. Drinking hot chocolate. Mayflower that he saw at school yesterday. Searching for Mayflower. Pravan finally spots the Mayflower. Below is the view from our development. This is about 5 miles away from where the race is. As we turned this is what we saw so we had to stop and take a picture again. This is really a great event and certainly colorful.


Tracey said...

What a cool event, the balloons look beautiful TFS XXX

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a fantastic view you had of all those balloons. This is surely something the kids will never forget - no matter how cranky they were! :) I really enjoy your photos. I just got my Canon 40D right before coming to Korea - I'm trying to get out more to get pictures.
Smiles, Jami

Jessica's Handmade Boutique said...

This is really cool. I bet even better in person. Thanks for sharing!!