Saturday, August 23, 2008

mellow day at home and school shopping

Today I spent most of the day cleaning up and catching up on laundry. I have got to learn to have a quiet during the day so I do not fall behind. I just feel like the kids need some fun activity to do and that is the real point of me staying home right ? The fun stuff makes them tired and ready for a nap. Every year before school Pravan and I go on a date and we pick out school supplies. This year he had to help me buy snacks and food for his lunches. He is in school all day now and I will pack him lunch and lunch notes. I am going to miss that kid all day. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. We are now ready for the first day of school. This slide show is kind of cool. If you move your mouse over the picture it will magnify that part of the photo.

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Melissa S said...

Our sons are in the same grade..just realized! Ajay is in first...going to school all day...but like you..I am totally and utterly over the moon! I finally am getting alone time with my youngest which is amazing...Looks like you were in Walmart...the bins look like the ones here in OHio..